Design & Concept

Kampoeng Joglo Abangan Villa brings the concept of the traditional buildings of the island of Java to Bali.
Joglo is a traditional house of Javanese society. Joglo parts, namely:

  • gazebo
  • pringgitan
  • palace
  • Sentong
  • Gandok tengen
  • Gandok Kiwo

Part of the hall is the front of the Joglo has a large room without barriers, typically used as a meeting place for large events for the residents. Like the leather puppet show, dance, gamelan and others. At no time celebration event usually as a great guest. There is usually a cornerstone of the pavilion, cornerstone of winches, and intercropping.

Pringgitan part is the liaison between the pavilion and the palace. This part of the pavilion is usually limit the seketsel and the palace is restricted by gebyok. Function normally as part pringgitan living room.

Part Dalem is the place to relax family. Part of the room that is more privacy.

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